The Baltic is probably one of the most exciting and fast growing areas of Liverpool; once the well-worn factory and workshop of the city back in the 1800s, now a thriving and cutting-edge destination that is at the heart of the Independent Liverpool scene and is home to a number of creative businesses. Unlike other cultural quarters of Liverpool, the Baltic is not polished and prepared, it’s raw, it’s organic and it’s exciting.

The 15 minute walk, or £3 taxi from Liverpool ONE is well worth it to experience the best examples of Liverpool’s creative industry. It’s the place for fun, alternative dining and most importantly, partying. Ever been to a late night garage rave? Head down to the Baltic and they’ll show you how it’s done. Expect to be boogying in what was once an abandoned warehouse. It’s also probably the best place to Brunch, with a diverse range of cafes on offer.

Constellations, the urban garden, live music venue, exhibition space, studio and British Brunch menu. Timber meets flowers, street food and bar. You might be at Constellations for an arts fair, exhibition or for our Gin Fever Festival in April!

Constellations Garden

Whatever the reason for your visit to Liverpool, if you want a real taste of creativity, head down to the Baltic.