Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ll know that the new craze is gin. As the demand for craft gin surges, distilleries have done all they can to provide the nation with booze to match every season. From gin and tonic tea bags to distillery tours and gin tastings – gin is undeniably popular. But why the sudden boom?

Gin has become more accessible since 2009 when trendy gin distillery Sipsmith won a two-year legal battle with the HMRC to give distilleries the right to produce gin in small batches. Traditionally, the HMRC had a problem with gin distilleries producing in small quantities, making it near impossible for new gin companies to get a head start.
This opened up opportunities for independent gin-makers nationwide to open shop and put their own stamp on the gin market.

One of the many unique factors about gin is that it is highly versatile and really exciting. Depending on the way it is distilled and processed, it can take on many different strengths, tones and tastes.
Gin’s flavour can be easily adapted by adding various botanical infusions. Delicious popular infusions include: aniseed, orange peel, lavender and vanilla pods. Any flavour you can think of, there’s probably a gin for that!

There was a ‘gin boom’ in the Victorian Era, however, it was frowned upon and branded ‘mother’s ruin’, meaning it was left out as casual drinking came to the forefront of modern day life. Since the craze, gin has been seen as more of a sophisticated spirit, with it making appearances across episodes of Downtown Abbey and the likes of James Bond ordering G&T’s.

If a spirit can make you feel like a Bond girl, then it’s surely worth a try?