Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka

Ciroc Mango Flavoured Vodka


Flavoured Vodka Ciroc 70cl | 38% ABV
70cl | 38% ABV

Unlike most vodkas which are made from grain, Cîroc Vodka is distilled from fine French grapes at the historic Distillerie de Chavanceaux in the South of France. The Wine produced from these grapes is distilled four times in column stills; In the fifth distillation, Cîroc Vodka is created with a distinctive flavour an exceptionally fresh, citrus taste.

Cîroc mango is an ultra-premium flavoured vodka is infused with natural mango flavours. Combining flavours of creamy mango and tangy citrus resulting in a luscious taste experience.  A well rounded, smooth vodka with a hint of the fruit, it makes a clean canvas for cocktails.


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Tasting Notes
The taste of juicy Carabao mango combines with tangy citrus and other tropical flavours to create a unique layers of flavour.
Lovely with...
Double Dutch Cranberry Tonic or Double Dutch Ginger Ale
Slice of Mango and lemon peel